July 01, 2019

Alex Gray created "Surf Therapy", where he teaches and uses surfing as a way to help those who are dealing with loss and tragedy.

After losing his brother to a heroin overdose 14 years ago, professional surfer Alex Gray turned to surfing to cope with his loss. Now, Alex wants to give back to what has saved his life and thus created "Surf Therapy", where he teaches and uses surfing as a way to help those who are dealing with loss and tragedy.


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June 13, 2019

Torrey Meister on sustainability initiatives, and why he rides ecoboards from Roberts Surfboards.

Torrey is very interested in sustainability initiatives, and rides ecoboards from Roberts Surfboards.

He also does work with The Surfrider Foundation and Maui Ola Foundation. Check out this awesome piece from 


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June 03, 2019

Congrats Nolan Rapoza on your big win at the Maui and Sons Arica Pro WQS 3000 in Chile

Long Beach, Ca surfer Nolan Rapoza scores a big win in Chile, moving closer to a shot on the world tour.

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May 28, 2019

Nolan Rapoza has pre summer dialed in.

Nolan Rapoza boosting at home. Check out all our gear and get dialed in for summer. Photo: John F. Jackson

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April 24, 2019

Cole and Ella McCaffray on a mission in Fiji.

We will have some action shots to post soon of their awesome adventure. 

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April 15, 2019

Take a surf trip with Alex Gray.....

"I think it’s obvious that there’s nothing I enjoy more than surf travel. So, I’d like to invite you come along with me! Let’s go surf warm, fun point breaks in front of @astadventures #elsalvador#lasflores resort. The trip is five days from June 10th -15th with limited spaces. Please DM me or email Alexgraysurf@gmail.com to sign up!!! Can’t wait"🎉

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April 11, 2019


“I finally got my hands on something that is going to be one of the most creative tools I have for gathering surf footage... A GoPro Tail Mount on a surfboard!  It has to be the most unique perspective to shoot video in surfing, as there have been very few people in the world to try it out.  I look forward to seeing what I can capture with it!”



Ian Balding  -  http://bit.ly/Ian_Balding



Real Watersports - http://bit.ly/2GXyE8W





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March 31, 2019

Torrey Meister charging Backdoor.

Beautiful photo by Tony Heff @freesurfmag

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March 08, 2019

A Guide To Gettting Barreled With Brett Barley

Above: Brett Barley, Pipeline. Photo: Billy Watts

Last week, Surfline posted a late take-off tutorial video from North Carolina native, Brett Barley. It was thorough, well-done, and the response was great. And now, after the positive reactions to that video, Barley is back. This time, he dives into everything you need to know about getting barreled in different types of waves. Photo: by Billy Watts

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March 08, 2019

Michel Bourez gets mental cover of the new Surfing Life magazine. Congrats

How’s this cover of @surfingworld taken by @leroybellet of team rider @bourezmichel so sick well done to all!

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