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O’Neill Strike Mission: Chasing Dorian Cory Lopez and crew.

September 21, 2019

When it comes to striking a hurricane swell, timing is everything. Anxiety stirred as Hurricane Dorian made its way up the Eastern Seaboard. The crew analyzed swell and wind charts from Cape Hatteras to Nova Scotia, hoping to make the right call. As we paced back and forth, Team O’Neill legend and East Coast specialist Cory Lopez finally gave the thumbs up to book our flights and head to New Jersey. The Strike Mission was on.

Brett Barley: BIGGEST SKELETON BAY in 5 Years! | Part 1 Namibia 2019

August 28, 2019

Brett Barley scoring the biggest Skeleton Bay in 5 years. Check out part 1 now.


New OAM Gear is here. Check out our USA made Eco Friendly products.

August 20, 2019

We are excited to have our new ECO board bags back in stock!
Half of this bag is made with recycled plastic water bottles polyester
We have long awaited for our USA built Cadet and Fast Forward front pads now in stock!
The Fast Forward Available in 2 grid options, diamonds and combed versions.  The Cadet had diamond grid with custom rectangle stripe grid arch bar.
USA built 6ft reg leash in stock now. Made with custom OAM USA leash neck ends. More sizes will be available in a month.
Lastly check out our updated Dual Mission board bag, light grey to keep your boards cool on your travels. 
We are working hard to build our products with eco material where we can without compromising quality and building product in the USA moving forward into 2020, stay tuned..


Alex Gray created "Surf Therapy", where he teaches and uses surfing as a way to help those who are dealing with loss and tragedy.

July 01, 2019

After losing his brother to a heroin overdose 14 years ago, professional surfer Alex Gray turned to surfing to cope with his loss. Now, Alex wants to give back to what has saved his life and thus created "Surf Therapy", where he teaches and uses surfing as a way to help those who are dealing with loss and tragedy.


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Torrey Meister on sustainability initiatives, and why he rides ecoboards from Roberts Surfboards.

June 13, 2019

Torrey is very interested in sustainability initiatives, and rides ecoboards from Roberts Surfboards.

He also does work with The Surfrider Foundation and Maui Ola Foundation. Check out this awesome piece from 


Congrats Nolan Rapoza on your big win at the Maui and Sons Arica Pro WQS 3000 in Chile

June 03, 2019

Long Beach, Ca surfer Nolan Rapoza scores a big win in Chile, moving closer to a shot on the world tour.

Nolan Rapoza has pre summer dialed in.

May 28, 2019

Nolan Rapoza boosting at home. Check out all our gear and get dialed in for summer. Photo: John F. Jackson