O’Neill Strike Mission: Chasing Dorian Cory Lopez and crew.

When it comes to striking a hurricane swell, timing is everything. Anxiety stirred as Hurricane Dorian made its way up the Eastern Seaboard. The crew analyzed swell and wind charts from Cape Hatteras to Nova Scotia, hoping to make the right call. As we paced back and forth, Team O’Neill legend and East Coast specialist Cory Lopez finally gave the thumbs up to book our flights and head to New Jersey. The Strike Mission was on.

Although we scored on the trip, some areas in the Bahamas and the Carolinas were terribly affected by Hurricane Dorian. For more information on how you can aid in the relief effort, follow the links below. Red Cross Relief Support: www.redcross.org Waves For Water: www.wavesforwater.org

Credits: Oniell / La Jolla Group