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Dave Boehne SUP Blur Pad Black

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OAM Animal Grid:

Proven to be the best traction technology on the planet.

For the most progressive stand up pad we've incorporated our OAM Animal Grid Technology  


Arch Bar and Kick:

With inspiration from our professional standup team we provide a 17" arch bar/kicktail combination.  This provides  excellent grip and leverage to aid turning big boards.

 - 9 Pieces

- Kick 28mm

- Arch 7mm

- Holes for feather light weight 


68" Long If not spread out. It can be made longer by spreading out the pieces
Width at Tail 7"
Width 14" from tail is 17"
Width at Mid Point is 19.5"
Width at front of Pad 21"





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(The Malloy Brothers, Chris, Dan & Keith)

OAM was founded in 1992 as the brain child idea of professional surfer Chris Malloy. While most of us would scribble perfect waves onto our high school notebooks, Chris's pages would be littered with the three letters, "O.A.M."

OAM was more than a brand to Chris. It was a life philosophy that Chris, his brothers, and a ragtag group of young surfers (Benji Weatherly, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Ross Williams, and Filmmaker Taylor Steele) would come to use as a guiding compass for their lives. To always live On A Mission by whatever means necessary. A life on the road, traveling, exploring, experiencing all that it had to offer and always finding a wave or two along the way. In pursuit of this philosophy, Chris and his brothers formed On A Mission, a brand committed to providing traveling surfers with the best gear to take on each and every adventure.

Today, OAM continues to remain a leader in surf accessory innovation. The brand's rider performance products and gear are designed by surfers for surfers and tested in the most defying conditions to ensure that these products work for you, day in and day out. The company was founded by professional surfers the Malloy brothers, Benji Weatherly, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Ross Williams, and Taylor Steele.