August 16, 2016

"Sandal Tan?" Alex Gray's Got One

Alex Gray has been getting shacked silly in tropical places all over the world. That's how you get a sandal tan. See full movie at
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August 06, 2016

August 01, 2016

That time Michel Bourez got kidnapped in Brazil.

"We were at a bar after the comp having a few drinks and having fun," says Michel. "I had my Red Bull hat on and was asking for a drink with Red Bull, then the guy told me they didn’t sell Red Bull. The bartender got, like, pissed at me. I don’t know why. It got weird, the bouncer came over and took me outside. They were telling me I was like a spy for Red Bull because they were selling Monster so I decided to just walk back home. To see more about this story follow the link to Words by Morgan Williamson.

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July 28, 2016

The US Open is on and we have a few guys ripping through it.

We are super stoked to see our OAM boys ripping through heats at the Open. Continued good luck Michel Bourez, Nolan Rapoza and Kei Kobayashi. Thanks for the great shots of Torrey Surfline.

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July 25, 2016

Braden Jones: The Gypsy Tour

    Seventeen yr old underground ripper Braden Jones from Pismo Beach, California heads to the Mentawai Islands. 24 hours of flying, and an 8 hour boat ride he finally reaches his destination. "Ive been dying to surf this wave my whole life. It was a great trip, despite some serious setbacks (like the boat running into a reef, and having to abandon ship after the steering broke". Here is a two minute edit of his Indonesia Excursion.

    Film and edit by Chris Papale


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    July 15, 2016

    July 08, 2016

    Surfing Lake Superior with Alex Gray. Amazing look at this unique surfing culture.

    Recently, a low-pressure storm system passed over the Midwest, which sent snow, wind, and waves across Lake Superior.  As Midwest surfers descended on the North Shore of Minnesota’s most notorious breaks, Minneapolis videographer Alison Rogers, of Pranalens, linked up with local lake surfer Alex Brost, of Idol Surfboards to capture the scene.
    “Ali and I were introduced through a mutual friend when she expressed interest in documenting Great Lakes surfing.  She was onboard for an adventure the moment I told her a swell was on the way.  We spent a few days together chasing waves, and it just happened to be one of those rare swells where all the conditions came together perfectly.” Brost states.
    Circumstances escalated quickly when professional surfer Alex Gray (orange surfboard) arrived on the scene and showed the true potential of Great Lakes waves.  
    The following is a glimpse into the Great Lakes surf experience as captured by Alison Rogers on the Lake Superior swell of March 15-18, 2016.

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    July 05, 2016

    July 04, 2016

    July 02, 2016