November 08, 2016

Please vote for Brett Barley to win the Go Pro of the World Oct Challenge

Help Brett Barley win the Go Pro of the World on Surfline by voting for him.

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October 27, 2016


This How-To episode demonstrates one of the most blatant displays of force in performance surfing: the frontside layback hack. Set yourself up for the right section, and lay on the PSI (Pressure Per Square Inch). “Layback carves are fun because there’s really no limit,” adds Bourez. “The harder you push, the better it looks.”

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October 26, 2016

Chasing Nicky: Balaram Stack and buddy Pat Schmidt

Balstack" and "Schmidthead" are a neat pair. They rage. They shred. They make fun of everybody and everything. But when a hurricane swell comes to the East Coast, they generally surf somewhere between their home states of New York and New Jersey, rarely feeling the need to drive south, 'cause it pumps up there. They made an exception when Hurricane Nicole graced Hatteras with three days of cooking surf.
Credits: Summer Rental Studio

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October 25, 2016

Cory Lopez edit. Ripping with his family.

Every surfer on the Outer Banks is a big fan of Cory Lopez. If they're old, they were inspired by his heats at the ESA Championships in the '80s. If they're grownups, they were spellbound by his parts in the ...Lost movies in the '90s. And if they're kids, they were blown away by the surfing he (and his young children) were doing in Hatteras during Hurricane Nicole in 2016. Also featuring Luke and Alana!
Riding a ...Lost 5'5" x 19 1/4"
Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device

Credits: Jeffrey O'Neil

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October 23, 2016

Welcome Madame, SURFING AND ART with OAM team rider Maud Le Car.

Maud Le Car, “I have two passions in life - Art and Surfing.”
Often the link between the two is more tightly woven than what you may think.
"To me a wave is like a virgin canvas where you can draw the curves and the lines that you decide.” When skills match artistic vision the outcome is easily appreciated.
Here is her introducing clip to the Monster Family she just joined this year :)
Thank you to Film maker Vincent Kardasik we shouted this edit during a few sessions in Hossegor, France.

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October 17, 2016

October 14, 2016

October 08, 2016

"No Names Needed" A new edit from Brett Barley.

"People tell me all the time "I wanna come score a Hurricane swell at your house", or they'll ask "How sick is your place during Hurricanes?"... but the truth is, the waves are more often than not better during regular low pressure systems. Regular lows are much more reliable too, with simple systems producing really fun surf.

Case in point... last weekend. 3 days of fun waves, with better than forecasted conditions. It wasn't pumping by our standards, but I'll take being surprised with fun surf after a poor looking forecast, over being letdown by an epic Hurricane forecast that doesn't pan out any day.

Here are 4 sessions, from shore break barrels to peaky wedges, over the course of 3 days. One session I was out alone, and the others I shared with only my 3 other friends in sight! Can't beat this time of year in Cape Hatteras.

Videography: Jeffrey O'Neil
Edit: Brett Barley"

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October 06, 2016

Taylor Knox, Mitch Crews And Why Baja's Always A Good Idea.

Stab Magazine presents: Just Passing Through, Episode 9. Check out OAM team rider Taylor Knox and friends getting some unreal waves in Mex.

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October 05, 2016

60 Seconds: Brett Barley & Cam Richards in Hatteras

By now you know that Hurricane Gaston wasn't all that. But Cam Richards and OAM team rider Brett Barley are. And this is what happens when two exceptional surfers greet a mediocre swell on the Outer Banks.
Video: Surfline
Music: Mr. Krash
Credit: Shot by Travis Kuhlman
North America
Cam Richards
Northern Outer Banks

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